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Friday, April 8 2016

Thursday, 3 March, 2016

Approximately 3 PM (15:00), local, that is Central Standard, time the same zone as Dallas, Chicago and Winnipeg.

This is when I should have my crap as together as it’s going to get and depart for my multi-state vacation. I am making this general statement and hope to connect more personally in the near future.

Destination 1, Jacksonville FL, Sunday 10.

Since it is unknown how long I will be in Florida and what I shall get up to while there I cannot provide more concrete dates for subsequent destinations.

Ocala FL, unknown overnight in NC or GA, Somerset KY (pending) and I aspire to be in Louisville and reasonably refreshed by Sunday 17. I am posting this so that in the unlikely event anyone wants to see, interact or cope with me during this time arrangements shall be made.

I will depart Louisville on Thursday 24, if not before, in any event. I must return to Texas and acclimate anew to my moorings.

This needs to be cleared with family and friends, but the dates away from work are firm.

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