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The Tour in Middle America

Sunday, 13 July, 2014

Since the last check-in the tour is going well. After a prolonged break in Montreal and Buffalo NY, and it becoming evident they they are not all piled together like so much cord wood and hauled around, things are beginning to happen.

In Buffalo of all places and Toronto fans “in uniform” have appeared. A fanmeeting was hastily organized in Toronto with about 10 fans appearing and 1 other not quite getting the hint from fan-site postings and being heartbroken afterward. After Toronto, they had a continental breakfast, didn’t know what was forthcoming and spent a solid 11 hours in the bus to Chicago. This actually raised a public complaint from a member of the group.

What happened in Chicago was unexpected. This was their warmest audience yet during the tour. Whether the audience were fans, fans of the headliner who became familiar with their work, or were simply charmed by their appearance is not clear. Most importantly the stop in Chicago prompted their first ever performance (and third media mention ever) on American television as they appeared on the WGN Morning Show. WGN did not do an interview segment, and they were explicitly identified as Japanese. This was corrected on the web site. There is also a charming photo of the group “in uniform” posing next to The Bozo Pillar presumably having no knowledge of its significance.

This will be characterized as the group appearing on a TV station which is seen all over the continent, which is strictly correct, but the show on which they appeared was only available in “Chicagoland”. I am somewhat disappointed this first appearance was not on national TV. I am blaming the promo people again.

After a five-hour delay at O’Hare (imagine that) the girls are casual driving distance from my home and surely taking in the sites in the bizarre wonderland some people call Texas. No, I have no plans to do anything about this and shall make no unplanned excursions. If fate intervenes and I find myself in the same room with them I will crumble like a little fangirl.


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