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Selecting vape gear for maximum visual impact

Sunday, 2 March, 2014

In the event you are advocating vaping, especially as an alternative to cigarettes, as a public presence or simply wish to be conspicuously vaping in a public place, noticeable gear is essential. The following are recommendations for people in, say, public performance who wish to vape and be seen doing so.

As always, my focus is on cost. This list pulls exclusively from the inventory of the curiously named The down side of ordering from any vendor in China if you are in North America is the extremely long shipping times. Anticipate a shipping time of not less than a month. Six weeks between placing the order and its arrival is quite common. However you will part with roughly 20% of the USD for equivalent, sometimes identical, gear from any domestic vendor. Prices listed on Fasttech are retail prices which include shipping anywhere in the world. Fasttech denominates exclusively in US dollars.

The inquiry which prompted this post asked about providing a noticeable pink electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer solution. The links provided will be to pink or fuchsia variations, although other colors including silver and black are typically available. Some discussion will occur about accessories which make all of this stuff work with the rest of your vaping gear.

This purchase will include a “mod” or battery container, tips on selecting batteries, a battery charger, tanks which affix to the mod and the somewhat misnamed “drip tips” or the bit you suck on. Each are selected for a compromise of cost and visual impact. I repeat: The focus of this article is to provide items in the color pink, but other colors are available.

Batteries and the charger are generic, flexible items which are not distinctive to Chinese vendors. Rules exist for the shipping of batteries to external non-commercial destinations from China, and a domestic vendor might have a more favorable price. The style of batteries under consideration are available in versions that shut down under extreme conditions, or are “protected”, and those that do not and depend upon the circuitry of the device to shut down During extreme conditions.

In lieu of a common eGo battery, use a mod. Often these are 150% the size of an eGo battery or more. Correspondingly, these store more energy and need not be charged as often. Items which have integrated batteries are available. The following options all require separate batteries which must be charged outside the device in a device designed for this purpose. Well regarded, popular items in this category include:

  • A clone of The Bolt for $13 which requires a single, protected 18650 battery. It features a 510 connection only. The original article costs $40.
  • A look-alike of the JM22 mod for $13 which requires a single, protected 18650 battery. It features a 510 connection only. The original article is a super-premium hand-built device which costs around $200.
  • An authentic Vamo V2 “advanced personal vaporizer” which requires either a single unprotected 18650, a single unprotected 18500, or single or dual unprotected 18350 batteries. It features an eGo connection with a collar for attractive 510 connections. It costs just over $25, but is a variable voltage and variable wattage device. The V2 includes a resistance meter. It is the lowest priced VV-VW device on the market, but retains reasonable quality. The Vamo line now extends to the V5, three generations newer. Overall utility has not been effected. Later generations are not available in multiple colors. The Vamo V2 typically retails for around $50.
  • An authentic SmokTech SID another VV-VW device which requires a single, unprotected 18650 battery. It features an eGo connection with a collar for attractive 510 connections. $37. The list price of the SID is $49.99.

In the event you purchase an above device which uses only a 510 connection, I very strongly recommend a 510-to-eGo adapter so it is compatible with the rest of your vape gear, especially clearomizers. This adapter is invisible in use.

Purchase batteries of a name brand you recognize, Sanyo, Samsung, Panasonic, &c. Purchase the appropriate protection or lack for the device you intend to power. These batteries are useless without a charger. Your correspondent is no expert in this area. The Nitecore Smart chargers are consistently recommended and sadly not available in novel colors. The link is to the same store, but you may wish to shop around. The use of two 18350 batteries in the Vamo V2 is a recommended configuration by the manufacturer, and is best for extremely long usage, low-ohm or sub-ohm operation.

Yes, Virginia there are pink atomizers. Even collars or “beauty rings” are available in pink to make the most of your vaporizer’s appearance when using a 510 device with an eGo connection. Any of these costs around $10. Units which merely have colored reservoirs are not included as juice typically distorts the color.

  • RG280 uses Protank or Evod heads. Features an eGo connection. Uses a 510-style drip tip. Available in pink and fuchsia. This is a glassomizer. The reservoir is glass and not plastic.
  • RG500 is a variation on the RG280 with a larger juice reservoir. Features a 510-connection instead.
  • K2 bottom-coil uses Evod heads. Features a 510 connection. Uses a 510-style drip tip.
  • Vivi Nova in pink and fuchsia. Uses Vivi Nova heads. Features a 510 connection. Uses a 510-style drip tip.
  • Evod. Uses Evod heads. Features an eGo connection.
  • Innokin iClear 16B is a variation on the now classic starter clearomizer which is available with a pink-and-white metal sleeve called Petals, and a solid pink sleeve. Features an eGo connection. Uses a CE4 drip tip. An adapter is available to allow the iClear 16 series use 510 drip tips.

Be certain to pick up a supply of heads or wicks for your new atomizer. Remember, you may need beauty rings to use these with your mundane eGo batteries. A conventionally chromed atomizer would work well in this application, but those are common.

You have the right battery. You have the right tank. You may even have a beauty ring connecting the two in just the right color. Now the drip tips. Because this is so subjective I shall merely link these by shade. A very few of these are for the Kanger T2 and are not the 510 type.

The bent aluminum, two-inch high models would stand out especially.

If I were shopping for you, you would get The Bolt, because you don’t have to mess with it, and an RG500 simply for the size. This configuration would be topped with a 70 mm or 2 and 3/4 inch long drip tip. That’s $25 for the e-cig and budget another $25 for batteries and charger. Step up to the Vamo V2 for a total of $62.


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