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Holiday shopping list for those buying for an aspiring ex-smoker

Saturday, 16 November, 2013

These are recommendations based on two months of fooling around with this stuff and discovering how well it works to get folks away from cigarettes. I have explored the scene, watched many videos, visited forums by the score. All of the following recommendations are safe bets as investments in getting someone in your life to finally give it up. We are approaching that critical period when orders for gift giving must be placed, especially those intended for overseas shipment.

Do not bother with the well advertised kits. These are specifically designed to provide an inferior experience and prolong addiction. The “refills” are extremely expensive. This really is a case of: If your product is so great, why do you need to advertise?

If you don’t know anything, and you don’t want to bother to know anything about vaping and so forth, just get this kit and you’re done. The listed price includes shipping anywhere in the world, including places you cannot ship from the US.

CE4+ Atomizer with USB Rechargeable 1100mAh  Battery Electronic Cigarette Set

This includes a long-lasting battery, a wall-wart charger for that battery and similar standard or ego-connection batteries, a clearomizer-type atomizer, which turns the “juice” into vapor, and a case to carry it all around in. This is everything you need to try the process of vaping, except the juice, for about $12. If you want to be nice, throw some replacement wicks and juice in the box. A wick will last around one week of heavy use.

On buying juice:

Your new vaper will want their juice to taste like tobacco. That sensation will help habituate them to the new reality. If buying locally from a shop or online you will want

  • 555 for a heavy tobacco flavor like an old-man cigarette
  • RY3 or RY4, sometimes Ruyan instead of RY, for a mainstream Marlboro, Camel and similar flavor
  • TAB or Turkish Blend for a dark, yet somehow classy blend.

Buy additional juice in a non-tobacco flavor you know they like. The variety of flavors available can be overwhelming. Something your recipient likes is out there. For additional options for juice at reasonable prices, please explore Vista Vapors and Mount Baker Vapor.

Vaping fluid, juice or elixir (all terms for the same product) is available in various strengths. The appellations “low” “high” and so forth are not applied consistently. You want a number. The common strengths are

  • 0 mg/ml or 0% Which contains no nicotine.
  • 6 mg/ml or 0.6% This is very, very light. For a habituated or addicted smoker, this won’t even register.
  • 12 mg/ml or 1.2% Appropriate for a person consuming a less than a pack of blue or formerly “light” cigarettes daily.
  • 18 mg/ml or 1.8% Appropriate for a person consuming about a pack of light cigarettes or less than a pack of red of formerly “full flavor” cigarettes daily. This is the most common strength available in mass-produced juice, and the “cig-alike” vaporizers available in larger retail chains.
  • 24 mg/ml or 2.4% Appropriate for a person consuming a pack or just more of regular red or formerly “full flavor” cigarettes daily. This is the most common starting point for pack-a-day smokers.
  • 36 mg/ml or 3.6% Appropriate for a person consuming considerably more than a pack of cigarettes or even filterless or old-man cigarettes daily.
  • 36 mg/ml will cause a light-cigarette smoker to become ill.

If you really want to do this right, your aspiring non-smoker will need more stuff. Pretty much the same stuff that’s in the kit above, but more of it.

Atomizers where the action happens:

  • A vaper usually runs two or three “clearos” each with a different flavor of juice.
  • For just over $2 ea. CE4S Clearomizer, which uses “vivi nova” style wicks. Your vaper should be able to buy replacements locally.
  • For $3 ea. the name-brand iClear 16, which uses iClear16 wicks. These are also very common and replacement wicks are available at a shop nearby.
  • Performance of the two items above are very similar.
  • For just under $10 ea. the larger, more rugged and higher performing iClear 30s. Always include an order of wicks with your gift. This would make a nice gift for the experienced vaper in your life. Even if he already has one, he would like another. The iClear30s is made for a slightly different kind of battery and requires a beauty ring to mount properly.

Batteries, the atomizer is powered by electricity:

  • What you think of as the amount of electricity batteries contain is measured in Amp-hours. These batteries are small enough, they measure in milliAmp-hours or mAh. 650 mAh is the smallest battery you should entertain. It will last a light vaper through a work day. A pack-a-day smoker will require at least 900 mAh to get through a work day. More is always better.
  • Batteries are available in extraordinary variety. Various mAh size, “variable voltage” which effects the temperature and volume of the vapor, and manual or push-button operation, or automatic or breath operation. What you are shopping for is a battery with an “ego” connection. The iClear30s has a “510” connection of which the ego connection is a compatible variant, hence the requirement for a beauty ring.
  • The world is moving toward automatic batteries. Inhale and vape. This is a big auto battery with a cool light on the end.
  • This is a similar, silver battery.
  • If you want to push the button or have more control, this is a big battery which will last a heavy vaper 24 hours.
  • This is a variable voltage version of this battery.
  • This is a physically larger, more durable variable-voltage battery. If presentation is important, you may want to consider this one. Technically, this is a “mod”. You don’t really have to worry about that.
  • All of these pages have a list to the right which you may use to peruse your options.

Accessories, although an atomizer and a battery will allow you to use juice, you need more to make the action happen.

  • A device to charge batteries. Due to the chemistry of these batteries, which is not unlike those of a mobile phone or laptop, they do not tolerate fluctuations in electrical flow very well. These batteries should never, not ever, be charged through a computer or automobile. Use the wall wart.
  • When you want to vape and don’t want to use a battery, whenever you are close to a USB outlet, you may use a passthrough instead of a battery. This is essential for a vaper with two or fewer batteries. Instead of charging off a computer or automobile, use the passthrough.
  • For any aspiring non-smoker who may tend to keep their vaping kit in a sachel, pack, bindle, purse or the like, a case is a must. Select from these. The case should be just larger than the gear you have supplied.

Well meaning person, remember the object is to ween them off cigarettes. For some people this happens immediately. For others it takes weeks. For yet others, it never happens. Once cigarettes have been forsaken, the nicotine habit can be more easily broken. Tapered really. Some folks will need a push to make the move away from tobacco and the holiday season is a great time to encourage them and prove that you care.



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