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Personal progress in nicotine addiction

Friday, 15 November, 2013

Doing the math. I have spent exorbitantly, by my standards, on vaping. Some time over the past few days I became cash positive with the endeavor. At present consumption rates, I have about another month of juice and other goods on hand. I am down to the equivalent of 8 full-flavor cigarettes a day despite not actually trying.

Part of the progress stems from my obstinacy about changing the wicks. When a wick starts to wear, you get less vapor, less flavor, less nicotine. For a limited time, that is hours or days, I can handle the stress.

The transition from cigarettes to just nicotine was easy. Occasionally I just forget to use. I experience the kinds of symptoms medicine claims I should when quitting cigarettes, and not the fifty-to-one-hundred times more severe symptoms which are common in objective reality. I’m not pushing it, but may actually be able to kick. I am so habituated to the process, I may actually continue using for a while when I’m down to zero-nicotine juice.

“Nicotine replacement therapy” is an especially cruel hoax. These products should be categorically banned, perhaps on an international level, and persons promoting gum, lozenges, patches and the like jailed and their degrees and licensees removed. NRT may be an expression of the continuing failure of our society and the system euphemised as “education” and what little good is actually accomplished with this particularly perverse jobs program.

NRT does not work. Those who purchase NRTs are simply experiencing decriminalized theft. “Logic” says it works. Peer-reviewed studies say they should function, but they do not in anyway address the practical issue. Nicotine addiction is not the reason people keep smoking. I can find no information, not even a thesis, on what additional mechanisms are in place compelling the jitters, the sickness, the jones which is all but fully absent from actual nicotine withdrawal.

If you have a smoker in your life, who you love or is someone you depend upon, get them a “starter kit”. Send them to the cheap-juice vendors online. Send them to Fasttech. Let them vape in the car or wherever.

Set them free.


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