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What I can’t write about

Monday, 25 March, 2013

because the words don’t seem to work right.

I’m taking notes. I’m running off at the keyboard. I’m editing. I’m trying to understand bigger questions such as, how did we return to the popular materialism of the Regan era? When I see references to “Haters” I comprehend this as the same generalized ennui that generated the bumper sticker “Shit Happens”. I’ve also been seeing the phrase “Baby on Board” on cars again. That was a true symbol of the obliviousness of the era. What? I’m supposed to hit your car less? You may be paying less attention to the task at hand because you have a child on board? Thanks for the warning, but I’m behind you. Isn’t that just a cry in the darkness for the horrors of community and mutual responsibility?

I lost the thread somewhere. Or the thread I was following ran out. Or something.

Like now. Nothing fit for publication. I am somewhat relieved that I can rant here with even less of a threat of actually being read.

I have notes about the impressions and experiences of living generations, that is, the people born every 20 years starting in 1910 and going forward to 1990. Then expounding upon the differences in the overall experiences of this people at critical ages. 12, 18, 25, 40 and so on. The entire exercise is replete with generalizations, but so is everything else.

My frustrations about another 80s trope which has reared its ugly head. In the wake of some middle American community actually convicting star high-school football players for rape, which they, by all accounts, actually committed, the self-appointed defenders of all things female that aren’t served on a plate seem frustrated that they were not drawn and quartered. Good Lord man, a conviction alone is such a substantial sign of progress I can’t believe it happened even, perhaps especially, under the threat of the world watching.

The worst offenders are those who have willfully participated in the pre-Internet variation of this kind of scenario, on either side. Nowhere has anyone mentioned what the state and medical-industrial complex shall invariably do to the victim here is makes the actions of the footballers seem positively welcome. The years ahead in which she shall be subjected to having impressions projected upon her, how evil and wrong she is for getting on with her life. Google “Samantha Geimer” for an extreme example of why women who know don’t report rape. Her case changed the Western world, and it should have been for the better. People like most of you would not let that happen.

An exploration of why so many of the Boomers thought music would save the world. In short, the experience of the rediscovery of socially aware music from previous decades, or “folk music” lead the first suburbanized generation to have a social conscious they would not have experienced without awareness of the ideas and issues raised. Peter Paul and Mary were not at the March on Washington just to bump the ratings numbers. This generation also witnessed a degree of personal repression, in the post-war period, unlike any previous generation. The 50s were thought of as “Happy Days” because so many states of mind and being simply were not being recognized, a scenario which lead to the Beat Generation and so forth.

Among the youngsters, who simply comprehended the ennui that was supposed to be cured with products not so much unlike the 80s and today, until all Hell broke loose. The President was killed by an analog of the Teabaggers. The world didn’t make sense and then a popular phenomenon simply exploded through the veil in February 1964, and it didn’t hurt that this was from another country, which brought to mind the idea that those other countries actually existed. To many the events of the television and radio during 02/64 brought about (I disagree) a whirlwind of social and political changes which utterly crushed, for good and ill, the world in which the folk born during and just after the war experienced. A five-year period, like between the Netscape IPO and the burst of the bubble, that revoked all the previous standards.

Alas, those years lead to the Nixon administration much like the Internet Bubble years lead to the Bush years. The following decade was about attempting to re-impose the old ideas on a world which no longer needed them with disastrous results. This only further impressed the notion that music (see data in the present era) would change the world.

I want to provide a layman’s guide to the distribution of radio and television in the analog era. These media were so critical in the time that those of you under 30 will every fully comprehend. The technical aspects had such a profound effect on the limitations of the media. I intend to argue, the relative ease of the present technology is among the reasons “Big Media” shall abandon their audience much as radio clearly has. The old model is not obsolete, but it will go away anyway.

An exploration of the gay underground of the post-war period, starting with the reasons San Francisco is so closely identified with that culture, and the many gifts that scene provided to other groups who operated underground before the internet era.

Now to get on with the day. Should I even bother with any of this? I mean, other than giving the remnants of my mind something to do?


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