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What I’m working on.

Saturday, 13 October, 2012

The objective, after much revision, is to simply categorize and analyze the experiences of my life. Why is Stan such a loser? What happened? As I am exempt from proper therapy by both fiscal and social constructs I shall not conquer, I gotta do something.

The following is what I’ve devised.

Initially, I was going to make a series of videos and try to get back into the groove. My gear is such that I it simply isn’t worth bothering. That said, if you know where I can somehow make $10K appear … yeah, I know. That number is the out-of-the-hole number plus building a proper machine with a few convenient accessories number. Don’t laugh at the paucity of the debt which is killing my soul.

The process is to distribute my ranting since July or so into the following topics, then expound upon these ideas. After a couple of decades of being considered self-indulgent because I do not provide the appropriate reply in circumstances which are merely social constructs and are absent any rationale beyond their own ceremony I am actually doing something self-indulgent.

  • Background, working-class society of the 60s-70s
  • Background, personal, 1968-1980 (before high school)
  • Background, personal, 1982-1996 (my introduction to society outside the trailer park, and all that happened before I left Kentucky for what appears to be the last time)
  • Music
  • Illness and Health, mental, physical, and the interplay between the two
  • Intoxicants
  • Mistrust of Institutions, “education”, large employers, etc
  • Social Isolation
  • Sex, Pornography, and Intimacy
  • Racial Awareness
  • Class Awareness, including social class and its ramifications and proxies
  • Sociopolitical Activism
  • Radio, Television and subsequent media

These topics have not been arranged in an particular order. I have not gotten very far. Twice I have been told I am actually writing a book, a memoir, but I cannot think of it like that. I get lost around 3K words. As I type many of these have not been touched outside of dumping thoughts from a few months ago into some word-processor files. Within my ability to do so, I intend to neither name anyone else or provide specific enough information for anyone to be identified. The process has not reached a point where I must employ a specific strategy for this, but I am thinking about it.

I have no idea what the final thing will look like. I do not know whether this is something others will find edifying in any way. If it is worth pursuing I wish to develop the idea(s) into a series of videos or an audio series (single-series podcast?)  just to make it move.

I, of all people, no longer even have the capacity to format something like this into a book if I were so inclined to offer it as a book-on-demand or digital equivalent. The work is the thing. The format must come later.

Eventually drafts of all of these “chapters” will appear here. I would like to interview some folks about what a pain in the ass I am and have been, but just contemplating the writing without getting anyone else involved is driving me to overeat.


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