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This week’s echos in the head.

Sunday, 30 September, 2012

“We started out by being around people who scared the shit out if us, and it went downhill from there”

“You take away your parents, none of your other problems would have been excessively difficult.”

“Is this life you have [anything like] the one you actually wanted?”

“I am surrounded by people whose values are alien to me. Characterizing it as incompetence is a rhetorical device.”

“You keep trying to come off as smart.”

“I am … what happens when you tell your kids they’re smart over and over. They learn not to try.”

“I’m the somber guy who thinks about things peculiarly.”

“Everything I have done, from running across the continent to my sleep schedule, is simply coping with my overall state of mind. The chaos of my upbringing is simply a condiment.”

“The question is this: why is Stan such a failure?”

“How much of this utter frustration is caused by your [neurosis], and how much is caused by your character?”


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