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The idea for a project.

Friday, 21 September, 2012

I know this is technically viable, but I do not know if it is worthwhile. In short, accompanied by a photographer/videographer who has a better eye than I do, I intend to get into that morosely nostalgic mode I’ve been desperate to avoid for the last year or so. Then drive around to the places I’ve lived, and a couple of other important places, recording my reflections, experiences, lessons learned, and all that crapola. Mel’s job is to shoot photos and prompt me on occasion.

Once in the appropriate places, I intend to walk along the same stretches of road which once seemed so mundane and utilitarian making observations.  This is a wholly self-indulgent project, what people who spend too much time with other people under thirty mean when they say “honest.” My mind keeps going toward a no-longer-active aspect of living in Austin which in my mind represents something of a clean break with the values surrogate upon which I was raised. I fear discussing this aspect will sound a bit more perverted than is strictly required. However, I always fail when I hold back. I usually fail when I give my all, but this is not guaranteed.

The narration shall be recorded at about telephone quality. This is both a limitation of the device I have to use, but also because I have next to no faith in the quality of my voice today. As an experiment, I attempted to use the device to narrate a drive across the city and the voice failed within ten minutes. I used to be able to go for thirty or more, and of course hours with breaks. The final product shall be medium-wave radio quality. I don’t know what other elements will be used. I’m going to have to get in there before I know.

I shall be disappointed if I expend this emotional effort and wind up with less than ten minutes of relevant material. Always a danger with me and my ideas.

Yeah, I have notes, but they were weak and my speculation leads to more data coming across. I have two places I wanted to go, but one of them no longer exists and the other I don’t want to go either alone or with my photographer who seems to believe it is a venue for low-grade sex acts to take place. What’s worse. I want to “dress nice” in order to do this confessional. I could use a haircut and my day will be limited by my lack of appropriate shoes. So I’m going to dress like I do 80% of the time and let the world see how crazy I am … if I elect to use the photos at all.


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