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Friday, 7 September, 2012

I took an unfortunate journey across the city. Rush hour. Part of the journey took me through the streets of our Downtown. Vacant aside from the through streets going south. At 5:30 we should have seen platoons of office workers headed down to a liquid dinner.

No. Not anymore.

All I see is traffic and signs reading “For Lease”. The top tourist destination in our state, for tourists originating outside North America is now Houston. I don’t even know what is in Houston that draws them, but I do know what Austin has lost.

Then I see the aspirationals who are burning income as fast as possible. They don’t know what’s coming and I pity them. It’s odd to a child of the Reagan era to see someone getting our of a 1990 Corolla to spend $200 on a $10 truck-stop dinner.

I intend to visit the places I have lived, the specific blocks, while here and comment on the times and the person I was. Ending at where I am typing. It is a story of madness and confusion. I am certain this will draw no interest, and must be done on a medium I understand, audio. I am a not a child of HOAs, and see nothing here, and yet I persist because I know of no further destination. This would be ad-libbed into the phone and appear here.

I have never so much as visited any place as spiritually vacant and soulless as the city I now inhabit. The constant protestations to the contrary only underscore this fact. The last time I felt like this I burned my bridges and moved to Texas. Even if that was in a different world. No, I can’t “go home” that place no longer exists.

  1. Saturday, 8 September, 2012 3:51

    This is what happens when I write just before the insulin rush kicks in. I’m leaving it.


  2. Sunday, 17 August, 2014 18:09

    The paragon of unisaetrnddng these issues is right here!


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