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Thursday, 2 August, 2012

I will almost certainly be working. However, I need to schedule some laundromat time. I also need to face a personal problem which shall consume my obsessive nature.

I intend to further tweak what are now three potential videos. Re-reading posts from the past two years, and analyzing my use of language, I have a new appreciation for the amount of time I have not been fully under my own control. As my long-term issue becomes even more apparent, simply remembering to put on my trousers before I leave the house is an insufficient standard to measure my overall state of mind.

Editing, always editing and adding elements to a total of three videos which are only text, and may as well be published as essays. I hope to hone the points I wish to make with visuals but these are not at all clear. Because I don’t know any better, the final editions will be written A/V split style which I learned during the 1980s.

I am really in touch with the fact that I must produce whatever I am doing alone. The kind offer of an old DV camcorder and some iMovie time is nice, but I cannot depend on this kind of thing with my schedule and state of mind. I have a cinematographer-videographer but am otherwise alone. (My own framing is quite bad. The only good shots I can manage come right out of Kodak’s How to Take Pictures.) The only items eligible to produce must feature myself alone as “talent”. This means essays.

The three projects under scrutiny are, depending on your point-of-view, self-indulgent or “honest” by the most recent popular definition. Self-indulgent in this case not meaning exclusively “outside the present trend”. All are autobiographic and may eventually be shot in series, Beeb style, with the presenter standing around illustrative settings which merely add atmosphere.

As far as the technical side is concerned, I aspire to build a proper box for both video editing and potentially A/V transmission of a relatively high quality. The latter topic being one I have inadvertently studied of late. After a few experiments, I must confess I have no idea what “angrystan live” would actually include, but it is only a matter of software so it remains on the table.

Not only can I not get clear answers on which A/V suites utilize graphics processing, I do not even know where to shop for parts. I have not built a box since late 2005, and that universe has changed dramatically. I do not mean simply initialisms and speed, but also the very availability of parts, and the coming of proper-quality parts from off-brand Chinese vendors about which I know little. My first wave will be a linux-based box using Openshot and Audacity.

I need to become familiar with AMD’s product offerings again, as all the reasonable advice I find speak in terms of Intel CPUs.

Audio remains an issue. I wish to eventually narrate at the desktop with reasonable quality.  The two notable figures whose rigs I’ve had occasion to notice use either the Rode Podcaster, easily the best and most expensive single-piece unit available for this application, or the very humble Samson portable USB unit each with very reasonable results. I’m beginning to think I can’t go wrong. What test recordings I’ve made with built-in mics result in “a lot of room” or ample over modulation in the event of emotional conviction. Because I am living in the poor-architecture capital of the world, room noise is a constant concern.

Presently I have two units capable of shooting video, both at 480 with poor audio. The ongoing investigation must anticipate the eventual acquisition of a higher resolution device. This can be done both well and at my price point, but audio then suffers. I am tempted to say this is largely a result of a culture which places more emphasis on appearance than content, but those would be the words of an out-of-touch old man.

This is a mere aside. I am noting more of the humbler people I follow are pushing general merchandise with names or allegedly appropriate text. Although I am aware of this only in the last month or so, it appears to be new enough that the rules for such things, standardized logos or at least logotype, appropriateness of the items, avoiding the appearance of shot-in-the-dark desperation, are readily ignored. Even so, I am attempting to amuse myself by wondering just what sort of “angrystan” merchandise would actually be appropriate for smart-mouth, self-indulgent videos with the unstated objective of illustrating long-standing social ills in America through a autobiographic prism? A consistently logoed “I’m angry too, Stan” t-shirt and coffee mug seems too obvious.


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