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Words for JK and her many supporters.

Saturday, 28 July, 2012

The following post may seem especially opaque to those who don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve learned my lesson. This is a rewording of a script for a video I was going to shoot today, but scheduling and the limitations of my gear made this impossible.

It is decidedly not to the credit of my generation, and the world for which we are responsible that an uncommonly beautiful young intellectual and her own revered entreprenurial instincts have lead her to the role she plays in our lives. As you certainly know, she is worthy of all of the appreciation we can muster. Our [sic] challenge in August is to provide our favorite hostess with all the eight-cent nickels we can scrounge. Indeed, this is all we can do, but in this way we are creating the means to allow her to build a larger world, free of technical limitations, potentially freed from the limitations of geography and the conventions of the rat race, in which she may make her quite practicible dream come true. 

I lost my dreams. Like everyone else, I’ve spent all of my life becoming the person I am today. I can look back upon several critical moments when through either coincidence, desperation or pure incompetence I had the wind knocked out of me. I abandoned my own dreams just to get on with the very practical details of living. I cannot be certain whether I would have succeeded with my dreams, but I regret not making the opportunity to fail on my own terms. I regret the life I which happened while I was making other plans.

Our friend has inspired me, however meager my means, to finally dispense with my own nonsence and get on with the dreams I abandoned over twenty years ago. Of course, some reinvention is in order, but that is the topic of another post.

Her tenacity, resolve, and unprecedented success within a role, which I speculate may have seemed implausible a few years ago, serve as an inspiration for those of us in a position may our friend never fully comprehend. This quest is important to me in ways which transcend making our hostess smile and giggle which she does with such magic.

I regret not participating, in a fashion that properly assists with achieving the goal, more so.

Let us now speak of the moment which shall happen in the early, early hours of August First here in North America, and just before you fellows get up for the day over in Europe.

I have sought out the words of those responsible for each of the top-ten transfers in the history of what we have learned to call “the other site”. Those I could find largely regard these gifts as the result of intoxication or delusion, or the produce of industry types with considerable numbers of referral “nickels”. Never in dicussions along these line does anyone read, from the actual people involved, of anything like the group effort in which we are involved. Never. Not once. Even the all-time largest, a record I strongly suspect we are in no danger of breaking and north from 467 thousand, is the produce of a single, if well connected, fan.

Although it may feel like very late Tuesday night to North Americans, what shall be revealed during the early hours of Wednesday August First, is the product of an unprescidented group effort. It is a product of our very great affection, admiration and (this word is absolutely not too strong) respect for our hostess and her dreams. Those dreams which she is so very close to turning into actual life.

We are in the midst of an unprescidented effort, both in the history of “the other site” and this kind of enterprise entirely. The number to look for is 130 thousand. That is the barrier for Top Ten. I am not an insider, but based on what little I know and some extrapolation: Gentlemen, we are quite close to breaking that barrier. If you happen to have any of those special nickels laying around, you know where they should go.

We know someone who is far better qualified, intelligent and simply a better person than most if not all of us. She deserves her chance; the chance at least a few of us could never create. Let’s make this happen.

If we’re good, maybe she’ll put on those Superman shorts again.

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  1. Sunday, 29 July, 2012 1:25

    I know that this could have used another pass through the editor, but I’m leaving it.


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