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Soul Vegetarian Macaroni and Cheese, revised

Sunday, 1 January, 2012

Today I broke down and made another batch of this legendary dish. The first batch did not mix as well as it should have, and my trusted partner made additional recommendations.

The recipe, now revised, is as follows.

4 c soy milk Not that crap with the chalk and sugar in it, unadulterated soy milk.

1 Tbsp sea salt

5 cloves or 1½ Tbsp minced garlic

1 Tbsp dry mustard

2 t paprika

2 c nutritional yeast

1½ c soy oil The cheap “vegetable oil” at every store is almost certainly 100% soy. Check the label to be sure.

1 lb whole-wheat macaroni

Whole-wheat spirals were on sale this week. I don’t know why only the spirals which are more difficult to distribute through the sauce. That’s what was actually used.

As to my method of preparation, I added only 2 cups of soy milk to the food processor. I now know the food processor is not water tight. All of the dry ingredients were measured into a bowl in advance and spooned into the soy milk through a funnel while spinning. Then the garlic. Then, quite slowly, the soy oil. The food processor actually started to torque down and walk across the counter so I went ahead and added a third cup of soy milk.

The sauce was spinning for about eight minutes.

The fourth and final cup of soy milk was added directly to an oiled casserole pan. Then pasta. Then sauce. Mix by hand. If you find yourself using spirals instead of macaroni it will take some extra effort to coat with sauce appropriately.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

This is the best Macaroni and Cheese I have ever made. Period. Try it. It may as well have actual cheese.

I wonder about using other kinds of “milk” with this. Almond, hemp, rice?



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