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Thanksgiving revisited.

Saturday, 19 November, 2011

I have never seen Thanksgiving crowds like the ones I saw this evening. That is, it was a regular-to-slow Saturday at both groceries visited. We were out and about at 2 AM this morning and the city was peculiarly quiet. Austin will never be confused with Manhattan, but the early morning traffic was especially light.

On a related note, four of the five historically 24-hour grocery stores south of Ben White Blvd. now close at 11 PM. You may note this occurred within a month of the busiest food-shopping period of the year. I could not say whether the SuperChain shops opening within the passed two years have anything to do with this. Target, in particular, now offers “an expanded grocery selection” in at least three area stores which are not Super. That means about 2000 sq ft of grocery items, adding a limited selection of fresh meat and produce, in lieu of the 400 or so since I’ve been in town. In Austin, literally anything that prevents another stop will be welcomed with open arms.

I may have to devise another affectionate poke at “Central Markup” as the prices on several similar items, including wine and produce, were exactly that at sister HEB. Yes, we went to both. Some things you just can’t get at CM, and some things you just can’t get at HEB. The premium, recycled, made in North America, disposable aluminum roasting pans were six bucks at the store with all the wood, and one dollar for the crap kind where we usually go. CM had organic macaroni made with Tasmanian-Goose flour and violet dodo eggs or something, but nothing under $3/lb. They had several varieties of cheddar, actually from Cheddar. You can’t make old-school Mac&cheese with premium ingredients. It’s a rule or something.

The menu looks like the following:

  • Rosemary and lemon roast turkey
  • Yams and apples, with orange and brown sugar
  • Horn-and-Hardart-inspired macaroni and cheese
  • Margaret Holmes collard greens, because neither of us can do any better than those magical cans
  • Pillsbury crescent rolls: go jump in the lake, they rule
  • and if I can find fresh cranberries, which were not at either store today, proper cranberry jelly

I think I’m going to wuss on the wine and just get a modest Sauvignon Blanc.

We’ll be serving around three.


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