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What I’m not blogging about.

Monday, 22 August, 2011
  • Positive review of Jack in the Box’s All-American Jack, which is not the Bonus Jack with another name.
  • Scrutiny of Austin and its municipal practices. In the way the UT district was a glut of traffic and chaos to avoid, now the much larger “Central Austin” or where the tax money goes is pretty much the same thing.
  • An analysis of the local transit authority and their ongoing struggle to provide an essential service in this area which defines sprawl. On the other hand, the service is now “not especially good”. This is an improvement over their 2000 rating of “why do you even bother.”
  • It is very hot here. The most days over 100 on record as of tomorrow (23/08). No measurable rain since late June and .02 inches then. We don’t even have dew.
  • Melanee is in the midst of a medication change and is very sick. There is nothing I can do.
  • Rant about “metabolic syndrome”, my thirty-year struggle with same, and what I do to control it in the absence of formal medical care. This would include a mention of compulsive milk drinking which defined my twenties, and my previous use of pastry as an intoxicant.
  • A thought piece on the nature of the Hamburger Diaries and my weight struggles. A hamburger is an indulgence for me, despite my disdain for gourmet or otherwise pretentious and conceptually antithetical variations.
  • Fictional obituaries, which serve solely to expunge some of my sillier ideas which have no proper context.
  • I am not writing much of anything including the radio-play adaptation of what is now called “An Angry Little Christmas”. I do not know how a “Christmas special” based on the idea that following materialism’s victory over faith, the day is pretty much a generally agreed upon day off.
  • I want to make dumb movies again, but simply cannot make the time.

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