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The Texas Burger Tour

Sunday, 12 June, 2011

Angrystan finds himself in something of a predicament. Following the last year of maddening change and unprecedented tumult, I have about 180 vacation hours coming to me from my beloved employer. Essentially, these hours were built up because I didn’t know what to do with myself and therefore went to work.

I am indulging myself with two full weeks, allegedly even earned,  away from “The Plant”. If I’m doing this right I shall have at least one Hamburger-based meal on each day of my vacation.

With consideration to the fiscal responsibilities I have met during my unprecedented forty-second year on Earth and despite my love of cat wrestling or just sitting here with nothing to do (which I remind you, I am anxious to resume) a proper vacation is not on the agenda. I suspect Mr. Adams was on to something. I have what amounts to standing invitations to visit destinations varied and potentially interesting from Louisville, Kentucky to London, Ontario but the travel and associated expense is simply not in the budget. Even with a 42 MPG car. However …

Consider yourself forewarned of angrystan’s Hamburger Diaries: Texas Burger Tour. In short, my beloved companion, the human one, and I shall make a sojourn to Dallas during the next three weeks for a day-or-two trip. While in Austin I suspect I shall make way for some of the Texas-based Burgers so far ignored within the Hamburger Diaries. I need something from you.

The TBT list so far contains:

  • Krystal (in Killeen or Grand Prairie, specific location recommendations are encouraged)
  • Short Stop
  • Burger Tex
  • Hut’s
  • Hill-Bert’s,
  • Mighty Fine
  • Dan’s Hamburgers
  • Fran’s Hamburgers
  • and, yes, In-N-Out Burger in DFW
  • added 13 June, Fat Ho Burgers in Waco (Is Fat Ho in the old Wimpy’s space?)

If you scan that list and say, well, hey what about … I want to hear from you. The focus shall be along the I-35 corridor between Dallas and San Antonio. I am seeking chain restaurants or potentially smaller burger joints with that aspiration. I am especially seeking chain restaurants with no representation in the Austin MSA, or legendary, cheap places, outside this town. The exotic or deliberately novel Burger is not an interest within the HD. Thus, the must-have Burgers in Austin have not been reviewed. The three I’m thinking about are woeful disappointments.

Wimpy’s in Waco and Rally’s in New Braunfels are reported closed to my disappointment.


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