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An unintended hiatus.

Sunday, 22 May, 2011

Sadly, nearly six weeks have passed since my last missive. This is not for the usual reasons or because I have little to say. Due to circumstances I am not yet ready to share publicly, I have moved house and am living in another neighborhood within the same town. My partner has found other accommodations. We are no longer under the same roof. To be clear, we weren’t thrown out or broken up or anything, but further details will have to process for a little while.

I don’t know whether it means anything, but both of us selected apartments which are half again as large as where we were living together.

This was a particularly difficult move, in part, because a substantial portion of my personal possessions did not survive the involved weeks long process from one place to the other. I have a bit of ranting about all of this, but it will have to wait. Some of the items lost I have held onto for decades in hopes of … well, I don’t know how to bake old consumer-level tapes anyway.

For my fellow cat fanciers: Bob is adjusting to the new circumstance well. He no longer has a yard, and we are working that out. Play dates anyone?

I seriously considered a tour of the new place like the video once made of the old place but I don’t have much to share. The living room has a small rack with high-tech gizmos and a radio on it and a different dining table and chairs. The distinct bedroom is a dresser, bed and an especially cheap shelving unit with tools and the stuff from my desk I don’t yet want to deal with. Thanks to a generous settlement which facilitated the move, Ikea and Target’s Room Essentials collection I am very nearly operating normally again. My new digs are about two-thirds closer to my workplace, and the rent has dropped about 10% so there’s that. Mel’s new place looks far away on the map, but this is Texas. Its about seven minutes down the Interstate.

It is difficult leaving a community of people I have known and adored roughly as long as those chaotic years between my high-school graduation and finally packing it in and heading for another state where there was work. I do not in any sense miss the South-Austin-themed amusement park. Neither do I have to drive way the hell out to the suburbs to do my shopping. The shops I can now walk to read like a list of America’s top retail companies, and the local feed-and-seed where I get Bob’s cans and kibble is an easy walk. I am also north of the congestion and malaise of Downtown, the University district and that new and improved coagulation of suburbanites, for whom congestion is a sign of a successful city as opposed to evidence of very poor planning. I can finally come and go as I please, and not at certain times of day.

I am clearly out of practice sharing my views of the world in this way. Future entries will come slowly and possibly with a little more thought involved. As we approach the first anniversary of Hamburger Diaries, that feature will continue. With the madness and stress of the passing month I am not in my best ever state of mind or body despite losing about twenty pounds. If you haven’t laid eyes on me over the last few years, you won’t notice.

If you can forgive me, I believe I will shut down the personal words for a while. I really just want to sit here with Bob on the table beside me and read for a few weeks.


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