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On the computer setup

Monday, 4 April, 2011

The Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 sits on the same desk as the iMac. Instead of the speakers being slightly behind the computer and the 7x USB hub buried back there somewhere, all are prominently displayed. I even have enough room next to the computer to put my various dietary supplements which I keep conspicuous to remind me to actually take them. Normally, they were on the level of the keyboard and in a prime position for cats (we’re up to two) to knock on the floor.

Of course, the speakers are plugged into the one audio outlet; presumably this is intended for headphones. The speakers sound quite good. I don’t know why that surprised me.

The hub uses one of the 1018’s two USB outlets, the same number as the iMac, and the keyboard and mouse are plugged into the hub. This works fine on both operating systems. I kept Windows 7. Smart guys out there on the internet told me to keep Windows, so I did. The shelf below the main area of the desk is becoming a junk yard for hard drives with extractable data. I now have a total of six; the seventh shall be the drive within the iMac.

I am seriously considering asking whether one of the Mac-only, non-dealer repair shops in the area will extract the drive from the aluminum puzzle box. Extraction is all I require. Well, extraction and one of those SATA to USB cables.

Unity desktop is taking some getting used to. It is clearly not a traditional desktop-metaphor interface. I’m not yet going to say I hate it, but I am looking for other linux distributions.

I miss iPhoto already. I’ve just now discovered I cannot load pictures onto this blog.

However, I did not merely monkey around with computers this weekend.



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