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This weekend’s audio posts.

Thursday, 30 December, 2010

Largely to keep myself occupied on the road, I shall make a series of audio posts over the next seventy-two hours or so. I’m using the WordPress Post-by-Voice feature. The quality is just good enough.

I’m driving to metro Cincinnati from Austin, Texas and will make a quick return. I can’t imagine the drive will be especially eventful, but you never know.

The next several entries will be titled only “Audio Post”. I cannot reply readily. If you are a previous approved poster here, you may post to your heart’s content but do not anticipate a reply before very late Sunday. New posters will have to wait until I am in a position to approve your replies. If you know me on Facebook, my number is there. You may text message that number, but do not anticipate a reply via text … or possibly at all. Dad don’t text. It’s just the phone they sell for $25 at Walgreens.

I am also using Post-by-Voice facility to mark my progress in case anything happens. I shall report odometer readings and fuel purchases in order to get a proper miles-per-gallon reading. Those entries may prove especially exciting.

The entries will bounce over to Twitter and Facebook, and seem similarly enticing.

The ice, snow and cold are relieved, but only for this weekend. I’m telling you now, I’ve fallen in love with a witch.


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