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Hamburger Diaries: Guest Post, McDonald’s Angus Burger

Tuesday, 29 June, 2010

The only thing worse than being a drug addict is being a recent ex-addict.

Because I remain not entirely of sound mind, I am not holding up my end of things with regard to the Hamburger Diaries or anything else. I have visited Five Guys and Jack in the Box with an eye to writing reviews of these experiences. The only thing which has come of it is a page which looks like the cat has been walking on the keyboard.

I intend to bite the bullet and have another meal at Five Guys so I may write about it while fresh in my mind. This I do out of dedication to you, dear reader. However, this will not be soon.

Allow me to introduce the West Coast correspondent to the Hamburger Diaries, Graeme a.k.a. Laughing Hyena (I really have to ask about that nick one of these days.) who shares my interest in the all-American Hamburg Sandwich. His interest is such he has boldly gone where your host’s undue snobbery has forbidden access.

For your continuing edification: McDonald’s Angus Burger in review.

If anyone out there knows what “Angus” actually means in a quick-service context, I would be pleased to know.

  1. Graeme permalink
    Saturday, 3 July, 2010 16:13

    I will be curious to read about your thoughts on Jack in the Box, too. I walked in there the other day, and I just walked right back out.

    My first experience with them was in Seattle, and I had a hard time absorbing all the teriyaki on the menu. I’m not sure I’ve even had a burger there. I know I need to give them a fair shake, because I like my opinions to be reasonably well-informed. But… The timing will need to be right.

    Given how finicky I am, I have a very hard time with Hardee’s & Carl’s Jr. I think they’re pretty good. They seem to have ripped off Denver’s Good Times’ chain’s Guacamole Bacon Burger. The problem is the consistency. Sometimes they make it with just the guac, and I think it’s great. Other locations heap mustard & mayo on the burger and ruin my fun.

    One of my bonds with Bill Terry was that we both grew up waiting endlessly for plain hamburgers at McDonald’s in the 1970’s. It makes sense Burger King was attacking them at the time with the ‘special orders don’t upset us’ campaign. As a kid, I was dragged to McDonald’s, so that was that.

    I am the Laughing Hyena because I think The Laughing Hyenas were a great band. I know they were throwing The Scientists & The Birthday Party in a blender, but they were fucking great until they lost their rhythm section. Also, I have a dorky laugh.


    • Sunday, 4 July, 2010 15:07

      I’m pretty certain I have not darkened Hardee’s doors since I lived in Kentucky. Austin had several when I arrived, but my fast-food dollar was oriented toward more exotic fare in those days. I seem to recall noticing a certain Hardee’s had become a Hooter’s while driving back from the Power-Computing-liquidation auction in Autumn 1997 or so. Two Carl’s Jr shops opened “in the Austin area” as is the custom these days; new businesses do not open within the city proper. If they bring the Super Shef to Texas, I’m there.

      Among the exotic fare I pursued in those halcyon days of a relevant Austin, Taco Cabana, Taco Shack, the auspicious Whataburger and the oft-mentioned on television but never-seen-back-East Jack in the Box. The deal with JitB today is the price/quantity ratio, and their unusual items. They serve the only flash-fried tacos you can get west of the Sierra Nevadas. Jack has the largest menu of any quick-service outfit in NA. Somehow, they make it work. To their credit, they don’t aspire to anything more.

      If someone just off the plane wanted an all-American burger, the American Bacon Butty, I’d drag them to Jack in the Box. The ingredients aren’t very good, but they do have interesting bun options. The fries are exemplary for frozen when served right out of the fat. Their “real shakes” come out of a machine, but tend to be quite good, especially the ever changing fourth flavors. They have both Onion Rings and Curly Fries.

      For the JitB experience, I recommend a Jumbo Jack combo with mundane Fries and the two tacos for one money on the side. You’ll probably puke it all up before crossing the parking lot if you are accustomed to actual food.

      and … oh, the BAND yes, quite right.


      • Graeme permalink
        Wednesday, 7 July, 2010 20:18

        I tried JitB today. The burger was much better than I expected. A lot of bun, but the flavors blended nicely.

        The plain fries are pretty bland. The stray curly fries have me convinced that’s the way to go if I ever go back.

        In all, serviceable. I may go back and give the teriyaki a shot, as it looked to me to be the most enticing thing on the menu. At your recommendation, I will try the tacos.

        Good call on the vomiting… I did feel somewhat bad as I walked around a bit after consumption. I pride myself on my constitution, so this is not easy to admit. I am getting old.


  2. Graeme permalink
    Wednesday, 7 July, 2010 20:20

    It’s not really a fair comparison, but I meant to say both the plain & the curly fries are better than Arby’s. Man, Arby’s has no idea what to do with potatoes. The roast beef is a pleasure for me (especially with the bun), but my wife will have none of it, alas.


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