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Random notes April ’10

Wednesday, 14 April, 2010

This is more of a ramble.

Those of you who know me in meatspace, know I have ongoing chronic anxiety issues. Typically, extended episodes during which I cannot operate in the so-called real world are tipped off by something. Bad news. Something I do not wish to face. Dissolution of a long-standing personal relationship … This month, I am just afraid and angry. I cannot always remember to maintain internet silence; commenting sometimes literal nonsense to other people. For this I apologize. Stan is not completely in charge of the meat machine right now.

In an attempt to while away the many long hours while what remains of my mind resets, listening to inoffensive audio streams, a room air-filtration machine, spending five-to-six hours in the fetal position on the day the groundskeepers come to cut the grass, and so forth, I attempt to do some kind of research. My two most popular posts are products of this phenomenon. These are histories of the utility-body sedan, or El Camino to Americans, and the model history of Volkswagen in the air-cooled era. The latter article has acquired some controversy as I do not consider vehicles built before September 1945 products of Volkswagen, AG, and the ensuing issues with regard to treatment of laborers at the ‘Werk before that time and whether the modern company is somehow responsible.

I have six entries dating back to December that I cannot complete. I cannot delete them just yet either. Each of these would benefit greatly by several hours of internet research. Among the topics:

  • The impending collapse of over-the-air radio, and potentially television, as a mass medium.
  • The abysmal state of civic planning in the era of finance, as opposed to the era of engineering.
  • An elaboration on the nature of the original pirate-radio stations, their history and purpose, including an explanation that they aspired to be fully legitimate enterprises.

At the moment, I cannot imagine anyone but myself would be especially interested in any of those.

My current research project concerns my impending, regrettable purchase of an automobile. In short, while I am desperate for something interesting or at the very least interesting to operate but not in the British-Leyland sense, my budget has me shopping for Toyotas, Hondas, but not Civics, Echos or Corollas, GM W-bodies, Sunfires and Cavaliers which may have been tended to, Panther-platform and D186 Fords and selected American premium cars with unjustly abysmal resale value. Any model foisted upon “first-time buyers” or people like the ones I achieved biological adulthood among is very simply not in consideration.

Should I pull up in a 2002 Buick Park Avenue, don’t be shocked. A Mercury Sable wagon popped up today that I should have leaped upon, but then I started shaking. What is it I really want? If the Tata Nano was coming to America in six months, I’d have money down already. The Hyundai Accent Blue and Nissan Versa Base are looking better and better, but I shall not tolerate even middle four figures of debt. I very nearly went insane putting a well spent $1800 computer on the card three years ago.

Is it Texas or does everyone now hate having to operate a car, but which I mean “choose” a car with an automatic transmission. For someone who aspires to remain awake while motoring, buying second-hand is a dismal affair. Somehow buying a car in which a [redacted] belongs is less depressing than getting stuck with something rationally sized and otherwise effective. The longer this goes on the more I wish could dispense with the entire business. I once joked that moving away from Austin would be cheaper than getting another car. That option is sounding better and better.

Of course, when you leave this place where do you go to then?


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