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Random crap, 06 January

Wednesday, 6 January, 2010
  • This week I’ve spotted in the wild a Car2go Smart Fortwo, new civilian Smarts in the neighborhood, a Chevrolet Sprint Turbo, a Ford Maverick, a statistically prominent number of Mexican-plated Chevrolet-Opels and Renaults, a Toyota Prius at a Starbucks “drive-thru”, and noted that Austin now has Moto Guzzi and Ferrari dealers.
  • The Sprint store in the neighborhood has closed. It may have been closed for a while. A vinyl sign is above that storefront reading “Donuts Coming Soon”. From the age and condition of the sign, donuts may not be coming at all.
  • Sign me up for a smart phone when you get to 4G, and I don’t want it from Sprint.
  • The Office Depot across the street has moved into the southernmost third of its building. The façade and Office Depot signage are gone. You can see the fifties-era Safeway underneath. The brick pillars in the front of the building, or under the glass-and-steel entry, were merely plastered over at some point and are now exposed. No word on what may fill the vacant space.
  • Its 51 degrees. You don’t have to wear two sweaters and hats with a muffler. It will be under thirty and windy late tonight, but you don’t have to bundle up just yet. Especially if you’re sitting in your Prius.
  1. Wednesday, 6 January, 2010 19:26

    well AS, it’s 48 here & i’m bundled up sitting in my 20002 w/my 3g iPhone. can’t make heads/tails of all the car talk & now you know why. how’s bob? #freeatlast


    • Wednesday, 6 January, 2010 19:50

      It’s still over 50 in Austin, but I am having some preemptive Merlot. If you have a 2002, I would say you might just know something about cars. Automobiles are a lifelong fascination, being a dude and all. Lately, I have been seeing peculiar or otherwise interesting cars in Austin where the Camry and Accord rule. Something tells me I should document them, although I am still working out whether I should list them at the end of the day or … something else.

      Bob’s stitches came out Monday. Doc asked me to keep his funnel for two more days. As of this afternoon, I have a cuddly Bob again. He can’t go out for another week as his chest remains sore and more pink than I’m comfortable with. Doc says its okay, but I’m keeping an eye on it. He also has a massive gap in his fur which can’t be good in the relative cold. He’s a pretty tough guy for a big softy.


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