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Thursday, 31 December, 2009

About 2:45 PM (7:45 PM EST) local time, Honolulu paramedics responded to a call at the Kahala Hotel, transporting the patient to Queen’s Medical Center. The patient was suffering chest pain. KITV reported during their early evening news this patient was nationally known radio host Rush Limbaugh.

ca. 11:00 PM EST (6:00 PM in Hawai’i) the blogoshpere exploded with stories that Rush Limbaugh had suffered a heart attack while on vacation in Hawai’i. These stories were fundamentally correct.

ca. 11:45 PM EST The first rumors of his death hit Twitter.

ca. Midnight EST A very brief statement on states Mr. Limbaugh was resting comfortably and in serious but stable condition. Not uncommon for persons suffering a minor heart attack.

ca. 12:15 AM 31 December EST, The first rumors of Rush or his entourage explaining that he is presently taking prescription pain killers. Again.

Honestly, I hope Rusty’s not on the pain killers again. If I had his resources, I might actually be able to get my shit together.

Unless he passes in the night, that’s pretty much it. Let’s move on.

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