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Cultural exchange

Thursday, 15 October, 2009

As we are upon the 40th anniversary of the premiere of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, consider yourself lucky that I am not pontificating about the program.

I am not among the Americans who see the original series, and the associated records, as surreal and deliberately incomprehensible. With the tiniest knowledge of British culture one realizes the program was the most brilliant and sophisticated social satire of its age. Indeed, to date.

My only regret is being forced to credit KERA, a Texas-based television station, for bringing the show to North America in the first place. I recall the testimony of Steve Martin, yes that Steve Martin, returning home angrily sober and switching on Los Angeles public television to think, oh look the guys who did those Monty Python records got a TV show. Then becoming stunned. Let me state that the appearance of MPFC in the US was a more significant exchange than that business with The Beatles.

Anyways, in this more sophisticated and international world, I encourage you to find and watch the original series. It’s even more brilliant than the guys who went to your high school and played D&D thought it was. You might have to hit Wikipedia a little more than you’re accustomed but its worth it.

Considering the effect of this program on such American institutions as the proper Saturday Night Live, you really deserve to see it as an adult. Oh, and should you gentlemen actually see this; thank you and please don’t sue me.

Mr. Gilliam: Do you any extra space for an aspiring American expat?


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