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OMFG. 914.

Friday, 3 July, 2009

No, I do not speak of the Porsche/Volkswagen 914 which in and of itself would be something to experience and fully anticipated to regular readers of this nonsense. The Museum of Printing History in Houston, which I did not imagine or realize existed, has the Model T Ford of my business on display … it is a non-functioning example … as well as an assortment of machines and devices relating to the mechanics of printing from Aldus Manutius to, well, the 1970 Haloid-Xerox 914.

For fans of small press publishing, demand publishing or vanity presses as we know them. The 914 is genesis.

I think I have to go. Who’s up for a trip to Houston? A place which is clearly more culturally significant than Austin.

God. I miss architecture. But that’s a whole other thing.


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