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Cat jacket

Tuesday, 9 June, 2009

The leash and cat jacket from Pet Sage, the hippy-dippy pet store who are the people you want to deal with in metro-DC, arrived Saturday. I spent from 3:30-4:45 today making the round trip to the Post Office. Remind me not to order anything parcel post. It has more to do with the ridiculously poor location of the post office for my zip code, and that I went out at the beginning of rush hour, and that I have a schedule which prevents me from doing people things on weekends when the entire metropolitan area is flooded with humanity in from the suburbs even though we now have the same Home Depots and TGI Fridays they do …


So I picked up my cat jacket and the recommended leash today after it being shipped to me via parcel post. The plan, as explained on a number of web sites, is to let your cat get used to the jacket for a few days, then attach the leash for a few minutes at a time, then go outside and see what happens.

I let Bob sniff and wrestle with the jacket for a few hours. When he was waking from a thank-God-cats-do-this-frequently nap, I could not resist. First I wrapped it around him, just to see. After this, I made an initial adjustment to the straps. So that caused my roommate to freak out, but gave me time to attach his flashy HomeAgain tag to the cat jacket.

My intent was to make video of all of this. Somehow I did not take the time.

The first strapping went uncommonly well. He did not seem to mind the jacket; which by all evidence is uncommon.  Once calm and interested again, I opened the front door and attached the leash. I merely let him wander around until he discovered the front door, and grabbed the leash.

With me by his side, and letting ten minutes of stop, start and sniff pass, we made it all the way down the steps until he started to panic and jumped the seven-or-so feet from the bottom of the steps to the balcony which leads to my apartment. The door was closed so he caterwauled during the time I worked my way out of the taught leash until I could open the door again.

We shall attempt this again soon.


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