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The Barber’s Speech, October 1940

Tuesday, 17 March, 2009

The Barber’s Speech, October 1940
Video sent by angrystan

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
Luke 17:21

Chaplin mentions a critically important passage. Recent translations, especially those favored by the Southern Baptist Convention and the allegedly non-denominational Christian Center movement among others, use “among” or “around” in lieu of “within”. Further explanations involve how the Pharisees, to whom these words are addressed in the moment, are “enemies” and therefore could not possess the essence of divinity, the Tao or “the Kingdom of God.”

To make this interpretation, one must ignore the nature and objectives of the ministry of Jesus.

The kingdom of God, the Tao, our common heritage, the will … is within each of us without regard to whatever filters the particular brand of society in which we are raised communicated the idea. One variety of humanity cannot be superior or more natural or more innately human or divine than any other. We are. It is within us, because we are.

To give an apolitical example: This does not exempt me from thinking those guys who play frisbee in that backyard down the street until 4:30 AM most mornings are jackasses. Neither does it keep them from wondering if that black-clad little man who wanders the otherwise vacant streets in the wee hours and occasionally looks over at them with a distinctly working-class contempt might do them harm. We are all one.

An inevitable moment within our journey is to lose sight of all of this; momentarily losing sight of the ball, if you will. I’m trying to get it together but not doing a particularly effective job. I am listening.


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