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My shoes are all gone.

Wednesday, 11 February, 2009

Within hours of the announcement of the Dunham boot with steel toe and all the features of the New Balance cross trainers I had worn for a couple of years, a pair was on order. These were the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, despite their weight in excess of 20-ounces each and ungainly Herman-Muster-like appearance.

To my horror, the boots upon which I have depended since their introduction are out of production. Not just the five-or-so models with the specific features I require, but Dunham’s entire line of work shoes and boots. Because the nature of the shoe forbids a readily replaceable sole, I have ordered two pairs a year for the entire lifetime of the line. In fact, I have discovered one and only one online store with these shoes in stock in my peculiar size. I must decide how many pairs of the three available variants I wish to procure. This will be a painful decision and fiscally imprudent purchase. Apparently no other company distributing boots in the United States sees fit to incorporate the graphite rollbar into a line of shoes designed for particularly rough treatment. Width-sizing for shoes not intended for afternoons at the country club is bizarrely difficult to find. This investigation continues.

A few minutes on Zappo’s has revealed the existence of long-rumored insoles with graphite roll bar, the feature I strictly require. The investigation continues …


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