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Pelosi and Contraception

Monday, 26 January, 2009

That fact of the matter is that California and lots of other states are looking for a few bucks wherever they can find them. I am amused by VRWC‘s inability to make the connection between a functioning, prosperous society and contraception &c.

In addition to reminding VRWC to sit their bitch asses down; I shall remind you the prisons are filled with the produce of unplanned pregnancies. AFDC, whatever the food stamp program is called today, the individual state initiatives which filter child support payments, the various child-protection services, and the schools in that nearby neighborhood you would rather not think about are overwhelmed because of people not knowing to tend to themselves while engaging in sex.

I will only listen to dissenting views from people who are neither sexual nor affiliated with religous or para-religous institutions.


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