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Mac at 25

Saturday, 24 January, 2009

On this day in 1984, a humble but shockingly expensive personal computer went on sale. The Apple Macintosh created the paradigm of personal computing as we know it today. Yes, I know something called Microsoft Windows had been available since early December and the Apple Lisa business computer was already on sale but neither of those were quite ripe. More people remember Windows for Workgroups (aka Win 3.11), and that was a quantum leap over Windows 1.0.

As sentimental as Apple has been over the years, the boss named a computer line after a daughter from whom he was estranged for instance, I fully anticipated a short-run machine called something on the order of “iMac 25” with styling elements harkening back to the original machine, but the internals would actually be from the coming generation of Macs. Of course it would be expensive, say $2495, and …

No matter what Apple puts out an army materializes telling us how beautiful and wonderful it is. If you want a silver Mac, on the model of the original, commemorating this first quarter century, I suppose you can have your pick.


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