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Companies and other institutions lost during the Bush era:

Wednesday, 21 January, 2009

This list is not intended to be comprehensive.

ABCO Markets, Airborne Express, America’s Store, America West Airlines, Ameriquest Mortgage, Ames Department Stores Inc., Amp’d Mobile, Astroland, Bank One*, Be Inc., Bennigan’s Grill & Tavern, Big Bear Stores, Birmingham Steel, Borden Food*, Binion’s Horseshoe, Bombay, The Bon Marché#, Bradlees, Breuner’s#, Briazz, Brooks Pharmacy, Brown & Williamson*, Burdines#, Burlington Industries, California Federal Bank#, Carpenter Body, Carter’s Foods, CBGB, Chi-Chi’s Restaurants, Chicago Express, Cinergy, Circuit City, Comdial, Compaq Computer*, Cone Mills, Conoco Inc*, Adolph Coors Company*, Countrywide Financial, Cracked, Dayton’s^, DIC Entertainment, Dobson Cellular, Dow Jones & Company, Downtown Athletic Club (New York), Drug Emporium, Dunlaps, Eagle Food Centers, Eckerd, Egghead Software, Emery Worldwide*, Exabyte, Falstaff Brewing, Famous-Barr, FASA Corporation, FHM, Filene’s, Fischer Packing, FleetBoston Financial#, Foley’s, Frank’s Nursery & Crafts, Friedman’s-Crescent Jewelers, Gadzooks#, Goldsmith’s, The Good Guys!, GoodTimes Entertainment, Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.#, Harold’s, Bill Heard Enterprises, Hecht’s#, Heironimus#, HomeBase, Hudson’s^, Imperial Schrade, Independence Savings Bank (oka South Brooklyn Savings Bank), Infoseek, IT Corporation, Jacobson’s#, The Jones Store#, Just For Feet, K’s Merchandise Mart, Kaufmann’s, Kerr-McGee, Knight Ridder, Laidlaw International, Lehman Brothers, Levitz Furniture, Liberty House#, Linens ‘n Things, Loki Software, Inc., Longs Drugs, Loompanics, L. S. Ayres#, Lucent Technologies, Macromedia, Mars Music, Marshall Field’s#, May Department Stores#, Maytag*, MBNA, McCall’s, McCrory Stores, McRae’s, Meier & Frank, Mervyns, Midway Airlines, (North Carolina), Midwest Wireless, Montgomery Ward*, Mosler Safe Company, National Steel, NetObjects*, Neoplan USA, Newsworld International, Nextel Communications#, Oldsmobile^, Olympia Brewing*, Orange Micro, Pay ‘n Pak, Pan Am III, Phar-Mor, Pic ‘N’ Save#, Pillowtex (oka Cannon Mills*), Porteous Mitchell & Braun, Proffitt’s, PSINet, Radio & Records, Retail Slut, Refco, Rich’s, Rio Salado Brewing, Robertson Stephens, Robinsons-May#,Service Merchandise*, The Sharper Image, Shoe Pavilion, Silver State Bank, Six Flags Astroworld, Six Flags New Orleans (oka Jazzland), Southeast Airlines, SouthTrust#, Sports Fan Radio Network, Stardust Resort & Casino, StarToons, Steak and Ale, Steketee’s, Stern’s#, Strategic Simulations, Inc., Strawbridge’s, Structural Dynamics Research Corporation, SunCom Wireless, Tail o’ the Pup, Taylor Drug, The 3DO Company, Tidyman’s, Topps Meat, TransMeridian Airlines, Trans World Airlines#, Trio, Triton Energy Limited, Troutman’s Emporium, Tweeter, Tyco Toys*, Unicel#, Union Safe Deposit Bank#, Unocal#, UPN, Value City, Vanguard Airlines, Voce, Wachovia, Warner Bros. Studio Store^, Washington Mutual, Weekly World News^, West Bend, Westclox*, Western Wireless, Weyerhaeuser#, Willamette Industries, Wilsons Leather, Windows on the World, The Wiz*, World Championship Wrestling#, YM (magazine), ZCMI#, Zima

Although not in the United States, during this era supersonic passenger-airline services ended with the retirement of Concorde which was not upgraded or replaced.

* While this trademark survives, the originating company does not.
^ Major division of a surviving company.
# Absorbed into surviving company

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