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Just a list that I don’t want to lose.

Tuesday, 26 August, 2008

The Poang chair is on sale from the 30-1st at Ikea.

While there I need to get the stuff to hang curtains over the new doors.

I am thinking of a pre-made row of hook for near the front door and another paper towel holder, which I have missed since it broke.

I spoke with the foreman today, and he’s cool with putting this stuff up.

I guess I should consider curtains.

I move on or just before the 4th and return on the 13th. Not after.

Books are being sorted and if anyone wants to order me around like an angry prison warden, I’m on the IM.

I hate this. I really hate this. Especially now.

I’ve decided to keep the TV at least until early November.

Rick, I know I very seriously owe you a letter, with interest. I’m not up to such things at the moment. I’ve been sick and now I have to get my ass in gear on this apartment renovation business.


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