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Friday, 1 February, 2008

Ted Sorensen, former counsel to President John F. Kennedy, has retired from the international practice of law in New York City and has completed his memoirs for publication in May 2008.

TO: Family, friends, friends of family, professional colleagues and others

FROM: Ted Sorensen

SUBJECT: To Urge Voting for Obama on Tuesday, February 5 (“Super Tuesday”)

I truly believe that February 5th will choose the next president of the United States, and that this choice is more important for our country’s future than any presidential election since 1932. After almost eight years of Bush incompetence, indifference and disasters, Senator Obama is the one candidate who can restore America’s moral authority and regain the respect essential to our security.

The way Senator Obama thinks and speaks about our problems and politics, the way he seeks leadership not for the power and glory but for the things we need to accomplish, is more like John F. Kennedy than any president or presidential candidate in either party since that terrible day we lost JFK in 1963. Despite my age and infirmities, I have campaigned for Senator Obama in seven states, used my voice and pen repeatedly on his behalf, and have become more determined to see his nomination with each new passing revelation of the true character of his opponents.

An Obama presidency will be a turning point in this country, and I ask all — with the sound of my voice or the reach of my pen — to join me in making history. Our children and grandchildren will be grateful if you do.

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