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First post

Tuesday, 4 December, 2007

This is my first post, natively, in the WordPress system.

Every word published earlier than this date was originally intended for the Live Journal system. I worked on and made friends and so forth on LJ for over six years. My account was among the first quarter million users. With the sale of the system …

You know what, I don’t think any American can be brought to a level of awareness about what it means that a group of post-Soviet thugs now own the system synonymous with weblogs and online communities in Russia.

Speaking for myself, I can no longer participate. To hear relatively competent Americans call the inevitable backlash, shutdown and … best not to think about it … a conspiracy theory and dismiss this history in which they are playing a role.

My god. You fools cannot imagine what you are doing. This is why the world laughs at you.


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