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Sunday, 4 November, 2007

I am now officailly obsessed with my project. That is, the reimagining of the main room of my humble flat. It is the kind of obsession which encourages the obsessee toward paralysis. Oh, and my vacuum has died. It just sits there screaming and smoking. I have boxes of stuff which don’t belong here and I can’t work out just what to do with it all. Perhaps I should clear out enough of the truck to just take everything which really shouldn’t be here and take it to the dump, that is Goodwill.

Should I buy more rugs or live with the actual carpet? I want to get rid of the Regan-era vertical blinds and replace them with … curtains? Well, maybe that should wait for round two.

I am engaging in behavior which is not Stan-like. This is either very good, or not good at all.

Anybody ever actually rent one of those Rug Doctors? You’re supposed to use carbonated water in them. Where do you get that in copious quantities?


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