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Saturday, 3 November, 2007

It’s only been a few days, but the relative info blackout is having its effect. The only sources of short-term data around are unreliable. Things I’ve taken for granted, like a trustworthy source on the time of day, weather forcasts and headlines of the day are all gone. The only regularly updated clock I have is on the satellite radio. No, not even the new phone.

I would love to know what’s really going on in Pakistan, Venezuela and Turkey. All I have is the official and approved versions. At least the Beeb is still available, although not what she used to be, maybe.

Have I been paying more attention or are NPR and BBC running more “read between the lines” type stories?

Packages arrive from California Tuesday, from Pennsylvania Monday or Tuesday. It’s like Christmas.

and I was only reminded just now that we return to Standard Time tonight.

If I’m lucky it will be an easy weekend, but I am never that lucky.

On the other hand, I keep thinking about how I shall reconfigure the living room. This project has not yet started in earnest. This may be my only opportunity to get rid of the rug which has covered the floor since before I moved the furniture in, and was not made for the kind of abuse to which it has been subjected all these years.

The area south of the bookself becomes empty, as does the western wall, save the black junk shelves which have to move anyway … then certain items are recycled but …

oh where is my interior design consultant?


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