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Air America Austin 01 March 04 – 18 October 07

Friday, 19 October, 2007

Border Media Partners sold their radio properties in Austin effective 17 October. The interesting part here is KOKE 1600 AM was included in the deal. Air America programming was pulled from the station as of Wednesday (17th) morning, and the station resumed programming Friday midnight with an automated Norteño format. This makes Austin’s eleventh radio station which broadcasts no programming in the dominant local language. If two more stations flip to Spanish, that will be half of all legal broadcasters.

The other two stations included in the deal were already seeking a primarily Latino audience.

While AAR never pulled so much as a 2 share in Austin, it was consistently #3 on AM after KLBJ and WOAI out of San Antonio. (Although never in the Top 20 overall, to be honest.) The majority of their listeners were listening to AM for the first time. The vast majority of the people interested in such programming have been trained over the last twenty years nothing on the radio is for them, save NPR who are also “losing share” as people are trained to avoid the medium altogether. We will continue to see commercial radio chase the remaining audience of poor or naive consumers until the business model is unsustainable, or every one tunes out for the last time.

Oh, and it wouldn’t have killed BMP to have done at least the tiniest amount of promotion after Al Franken’s appearance on launch day.

To any of you dopes risking life and limb to run autojustified not quite Part 15 FMs: have I got a programming idea for you.


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