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Fry’s Electronics

Thursday, 20 September, 2007

I have followed too much the devices and desires of my own heart.

Somehow, over the last several months, Stephen Fry has become one of my favorite celebrities. All the more so today when I discovered his blog. That is to say his blog, not that of some organization operating on his behalf.

One might imagine Mr. Fry with his leather patches, black cab and quintessentially perhaps stereotypically British manner would talk about social issues or propriety. He might be typing away on matters of theater, cinema or other arts. He could post discussions of his public battle with cyclothymia.

Despite his image among the North Americans, Mr. Fry is in fact the consummate consumer of “high tech” devices.

image stolen outright from Mr. Fry

So far, his blog features an unexpectedly insightful commentary on the state of currently available mobile devices. This may be premature, but I anxiously await his review of Mac OS 10.5 in the unlikely event it is ever released.

Most compellingly, this is his own words making only the third authentic celebrity about whom I know actually keeping a real, personally updated blog. Ringo Starr and Ron Jeremy being the others.

Are there more?


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