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Tuesday, 7 August, 2007
  • Still on radio silence for a little while, but …
  • The Chrysler deal happened, officially, Monday at midnight. New pentastar, new publicity, lots of talk of the legacy of the brands … Then the announcement of the CEO, a protege of GE’s Jack Welsh who went on to lead Home Depot creating Lowe’s greatest growth period. The plan is clear, they are selling of the assets and shutting it down. The Japanese and Koreans, possibly Fiat will buy many of the plants. HKA get their premium brand, Chrysler, and new development on many of the old sites.
  • They finally made an iMac which corresponds to my personal aesthetic.
  • Dollar General stores, the same idea as Big Lots but a much smaller and older company, are going up in flames around here? Any speculation?
  • The new chief of police says they are eliminating overtime. It may soon be possible to travel the city in relative comfort.
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