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Tuesday, 24 July, 2007

Obama has the highest positives I’ve ever seen. It seems being largely unknown is working, see: Clinton, W.J. Opposition-opposition research discovered somebody was attempting to hammer him on his long-standing cigarette habit. The campaign went public with it in February, and spun it into something positive and humanizing. Since then the message delivered is no-nonsense and designed to appeal to people who work for wages.

The self-avowed, non-extant, vast right-wing conspiracy attempted to spin his public statements after that time as something coming from a position of weakness. The message is to kick “Yankee Ingenuity” into high gear. This is alienating to the old boys club, the people whose disenfranchisement commenced right about the time Windows 98SE went gold, who cannot comprehend people like the great innovators do exist but no one who could do anything about it is listening. The people who simply have to put up with the stupidity of the old boys for forty hours if you’re lucky, paying double for mandatory motor fuel and have noticed just how inane the products intended to keep us contented cows happen to have become. It is a difficult message to escape, at least by people sufficiently aware of their environment to vote.

Every negative sounds like an attack. The campaign doesn’t have to do anything.

… and as handsome as he is, it doesn’t quite work when you get up close. That too, is a positive.

I’m tickled by the prospect of Michelle Obama as a Ladybird figure.


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