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We never sleep.

Wednesday, 4 July, 2007

Actually I got about four hours worth, but that shall not sustain.

  • The first animation of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts. I knew this would turn up someday.
  • Something else from the same people:
  • Although this is likely to turn around at any minute, my overwhelming gloom has lifted ever so slightly. The elements include:
    • The The Simpsons themed “inverse product placement” at the 7-Eleven. While I admire the program on many levels, what thrills me so uncharacteristically is that this promotion is so very appropriate and well executed. “Buy some fruit so you don’t have to feel so guilty about the chili dog”. At this point anything well executed thrills me, but this is so well done, so welcoming and pulls one out of the mundaneness in a way I believed we had forgotten. It’s such a little thing, really.
    • My old world was uptight, for lack of a better word, in certain specific ways. Among them, compulsive and compulsory physical modesty. One could come to the conclusion we believed our bodies were such a threat they should be controlled and killed. So, the relatively common immodesty of Austin, in that way as the other immodesties of Austin still drive me to distraction, cracked open the old coconut in a welcome way. (No small part why I encourage young people to move to areas geographically distinct from where they grew up) Thinking about the old days, and what the hell happened to all the freedom and all that rubbish, I knew we would be headed in the right direction when I saw a topless woman in, for lack of a better phrase, and unapproved location. Not the beach, pervert night, performing “art”, &c. Saturday was the Nekkid Bike Ride in Austin. Which happened to align itself to the path I crawl to work at about the same time. I’d like to tell you how some people around here care about oil and all that crap, but the location of the Nekkid Bike Ride had to be changed several times just because people were worried about finding a place to park. I glanced over at this pack of 25 or so cyclists, not quite knowing why so many folks were riding together up Lamar Blvd. of all places. I turn my head to see what was happening and as I passed this person
      attired as in this photo passed a sweet smile and gave me that old Peace/East Asian schoolgirl sign.

    Despite ourselves, we may be on the right track after all.


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