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Sunday, 17 June, 2007
  • Sicko
  • I meant it as a smart assed remark, but last week I told Patrick that I have eliminated everything annoying from my life, but I don’t have anything left. It’s true.
  • I want to have advice for my fellow maniacs, alas
  • The ’57 Plymouth was dust. It is obvious no effort whatsoever was put into attempting to preserve it. The engine was covered with a plastic tarp, and the car was wrapped in canvas for pictures. I don’t think Chrysler ever imagined anyone would ever dig it up. It was a complete disaster. Oddly a few spots of chrome survived. On board, allegedly, was a microfilm of the entries to a contest in which someone, or their heirs, would win the car upon guessing the population of Tulsa in 2007. Well, the census dept. provided a number, but the microfilm could not be found. In fact, no record of the microfilm being made could be found.
  • The car was the primary disappointment in an otherwise uninteresting “celebration” of Oklahoma joining the Union. I wonder if they are considering becoming Indian Territory again?
  • The one-hour television special where the car was unveiled was sponsored exclusively by the regional Dodge dealers, in part because there are no more Plymouth dealers. Talk about a bad investment.
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