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1957 Plymouth Belvedere

Friday, 15 June, 2007

Before I go to bed, I simply must recommend to you a historic event occurring in Tulsa today. This weekend is the formal celebration of Oklahoma’s statehood centennial. In the preparation process for the celebrations, some smart cookie elected to look back at what celebrations occurred during the “Semicentennial” in 1957. Tulsa was having a rather rough period, and somehow Chrysler made connections with the city to hold a publicity stunt.

Although no one attached to the city, or to the contemporary marketing apparatus for Chrysler remembered this, a new 1957 Plymouth
Belvedere was buried as part of a time capsule to be opened in another fifty years on Friday, June 15, 2007. The city works department sent some folks out behind the court house to see if in fact something was buried where someone had evidently placed a Plymouth coupe all those years ago.

The short version is that something, presumably the Plymouth and the other contents of the time capsule (the contents of a woman’s purse, a six-pack of Schlitz, ten gallons of gas in case gasoline became obsolete by 2007 …), are still there.

Wednesday, workers preparing the “atomic-blast proof” sarcophagus opened it for the first time. It was flooded with three-feet of water “the color and consistency of chocolate milk”. The car was slathered in Cosmoline, wrapped in layers of Dow Saran, then bundled in canvas so it may have survived more-or-less intact. It could be ruined. No record survives as to what was done to the car’s mechanical systems to preserve it. I do not yet know how the vehicle will be disposed if it is, in fact, museum quality.

Here is the official site, and the car guy sites and maker sites are all over this.


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