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Saturday, 2 June, 2007

I recently fast forwarded through a couple of old Mondo movies from around 1967. A particularly large percentage of these films was documentary footage taken in Los Angeles. I’m sure viewers in 1967 thought this was a rip off, but it is fascinating forty years out.

A few scenarios mentioned or were about the Indochinese War as a social phenomenon. You had the oblivious supporters for the war. The profoundly fatalistic “My country right or wrong” had not been penned. (or at least wasn’t popular) You had the crowd who somehow believed they could have an effect on foreign quagmires through art. I was shocked at how similar that foolishness was to our current example. Once again I am reminded that America’s Destiny seems to take be where the heroin is.

The question becomes: Who is the Democratic analogue to Richard Nixon ca. 1966? I’m asking.


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