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Monday, 28 May, 2007

It’s not a holiday in the rest of the world.

Somebody called Adele Stan dropped a post on the American Prospect which brings the hopeless struggle of the vanity war into laser-sharp focus. In short, she says we have to do something. We can’t. Even if we could we won’t.

All I’ll say is that every “contractor” needs to be brought back, detained and “debriefed” until someone responsible figures out what the hell is actually going on.

Before the end of the year BMW will have a new division. Their entry level is Mini. Their premium division is, of course, the sporting-oriented, BMW, but they have no division geared toward well engineered, common, family cars. They have no division upon which to build the company’s overall volume. Mini cannot expand beyond two or three body styles and stay pure. BMWs are driven by the self-absorbed. So they are buying Volvo from Ford. With any luck they will, albeit almost certainly share platforms which isn’t such a bad thing when you see how BMWs are screwed together, just let Volvo do what it is they do. Kill the crossovers, please.

If fortune smiles upon me, I will hit 40 around midnight and go home. Elsewise, my joints may pop open.


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