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Saturday, 26 May, 2007

Unless some unprecedented rationality takes hold at The White House, the struggle in the Middle East shall continue to exacerbate the contradictions within execution and objective from here on out. Period. Around primary season, which is being muddled with so that we will know the two major-party candidates by April 1, a new wave of surges and “shock and awe” will begin.

This serves two purposes:

  1. Generating dramatic television pictures to prove “our success”
  2. Generating a new wave of American corpses over which any objection to the war or to the methods or any mention of the horror streaming out of the region is somehow treason.

In late June victory in at least one front, I’m betting Afghanistan, will be suddenly and unexpectedly declared.

With the excuse it shall take time to move everyone away, an impressive but insignificant number of relatively intact units will come home so a fuss can be made and parades held at great public expense around the July 4th weekend. Thereafter, much fuss will be made over the “boys” who find their way home. It will look impressive, but will be a trickle.

This feeds the hate machine. By August 1, the average oblivious American will know that, although there be evildoers about, we won the war and the supporters of The White House were right all along.

Oh, and gas will be under $2.50 from after Labor Day until the middle of November. The pre-Christmas spike will be blamed on a market reaction to the news of a new president.


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