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Checking for a pulse.

Tuesday, 22 May, 2007

Investigating the return of Studio 60 in a couple of days. The show is officially canceled, but NBC will burn off the last six episodes in the most prestigious slot on American television. There’s some kind of symbolism in that, but I’ll be damned if I can work it out.

That the show lost focus and became mostly a tired romantic not-quite-comedy for it’s most recent six episodes was disappointing monumentally. I can only hope the kids pull it together … however. It just doesn’t look good. I am heartened that the last episode produced is intended to wrap up the concept, but NBC will be airing the episodes out of order.

A remote possibility exists that a WKRP-like resurrection could happen, but if the last part of the run is as confused and unsatisfying as the previous episodes it may as well go away. When that happens, I don’t get to see the scenarios I really wanted to see.

  • Tom goes to Asia, where he is more popular than he is in The States, makes lots of commercials and is the star of a movie.
  • Lucy has developed and scripted a movie with the intention of selling it back in the UK. Simon and Darius discover the script and it is produced as an “indie” using actors and crew from SC LA.
  • For a sweeps stunt, we see an episode of the fictional show as it is presented on the fictional network. When the real show breaks for commercials, promos for upcoming NBS programs are shown. Among these is Nations the show “about the United Nations” spoken of in the first six.
  • The brief return of Ricky & Ron when Peripheral Vision Man is actually acclaimed as biting social commentary, despite the author’s intent.

I would like to switch on Idiot Box 1.5 some time and not find disappointment.


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