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Friday, 18 May, 2007
  • I believe I can live on $80 of pocket money per week (including groceries) for a while.
  • I feel like I’m broke, but really I’m doing o.k.
  • If I could get sane for just a couple of days, I could do all sorts of useful stuff. I have really mundane things to do, but all I can manage is to sit here and keep out of trouble.
  • I wish I could develop a secondary personality. Of course, he probably wouldn’t be fruitful either.
  • I’m still really afraid of what I’m experiencing. I am not experiencing hallucinations or anything like that, but I’m drifting away from being capable of relating in a normal fashion.
  • I inundate myself with the words of those in the spoiled classes who aggressively ignore reality. Those few I’ve cornered on the topic don’t comprehend that the world in which they are living could become substantially different. The sociopolitical realm is little more than sports coverage for the pretentious. It’s just a big game.
  • I’ll support the idea of immigration reform when we see emigration reform.
  • It is a five month wait for passports. The borders to the north and south are all but closed, except for those not intending to return.
  • Something’s brewing, press release are going out so that the comfortable can state with confidence, “It’s all going to be all right.”
  • I just want to go back to the farm, get up at 4:30 and milk the cows, cut the hay, pump the water …
  • I cannot help myself, but I can’t work out how to get reliable help; in no small part because I don’t believe such things are possible in the society in which I find myself. The question becomes where do I go, or to get access to a head doctor intending to provide something other than keeping their program rolling.

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