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Friday, 11 May, 2007
  • I anticipate my coming work week with horror. No particular reason.
  • I keep thinking about this project upon which Patrick and I shall execute later rather than sooner. The core of the idea is a couple of guys who know a little something talk about what would have been called “tech” ten years ago. It makes for a very handy and executable audio program. However, the world insists upon video, and the requirements for video are much more complex. I feel compelled to work out what this thing would look like, and I keep coming back to how much better it would be with only audio. The inspiration is NPR’s Car Talk, even if our knowledge is nowhere near as comprehensive as the Magliozzi brothers, and the dearth of accessible media in this genre generally. If you have had the misfortune of hearing the Windows-centric and purchase-oriented The Kim Kommando Show you should know this is the model we seek to specifically avoid.
  • We have a Linux guy and a Mac guy, and that’s all we need. If you’re trying to get something out of your computer using Windows, you have our sympathies.
  • I wasted some time attempting to find drops. Something I’ve not been able to locate using my methods is the “spoken trombone” used in place of Miss Othmar speaking from the late 70’s Peanuts television specials. I rather inadvertently discovered a clip of a BBC television presenter torturing a speaking electronic device demanding that it “shut it!”
  • As long as I’m sitting in this chair, I think I’m not so bad. However, getting up means confronting a useless and hopeless world. After all these years, I have not worked out a way to subvert the desire for genocide.

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