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Wednesday, 9 May, 2007

If you don’t watch television, you may not know that Hollywood is on fire. This isn’t some sort of allegory. The inexplicably-if-you’ve-ever-been-there famous neighborhood is burning. Specifically, the Eastern edge of (D.W.) Griffith Park near Glendale is in flames. Budget cutbacks have allowed brush to build up; a casually discarded cigarette provided the spark. The latest report I have (about 45 minutes) is that the fire is not contained and threatening the Autry Museum and the LA Zoo.

The people in The Valley (Northwest from the park on a map) are calling it the Los Feliz fire. The people in Los Feliz are calling it the Hollywood fire. The people in Hollywood are calling it the Glendale fire. That is so very Los Angeles, not the one on TV.

Here’s the thing. My TV doesn’t get coverage of this (and I’ve already tried getting KFI and KABC over the air to no avail, but that should not be surprising) … however

I actually have personal stuff I want to talk about, but I have to work out how to say it without being creepy. By the way, my latest supposedly cryptic statements are not cryptic in any way. I really have no idea what to do and I think I might be losing my mind … the joke here of course is that it isn’t so bad … it’s the only one I have.

UPDATE: 00:33 Austin, 22:33 Los Angeles … KFI is barely coming in. If they weren’t formatted like all the other CC stations I wouldn’t have recognized it. They just activated the EAS. The last I heard certain blocks in Los Feliz were being evacuated (along LF Blvd.), but the EAS probably means an escalation.


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